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XO POINT LONG - Swivel Eye Bolt
Exoset Lifting Points

- Grade 100
- Rotates through 360 degrees
- Self-aligning to load direction
- Minimum safety factor of 4:1 in any direction
- Hand tighten by hex key for single lifts
- Half a century experience in handling loads in total safety
- 24 months warranty
- Suitable for lifting and load control
- WLL visible in any working condition: marked on all parts,
printed label with product information securely connected
to lifting point
- User Manual attached to product upon delivery
- CE Approved to EN 1677-4
- Electronic traceability via EPIS
- Self positioning under load with a minimum 4:1 safety factor in all directions
- A perfect combination for lifting with textile slings using Joker Hooks.
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